Thursday, 18 July 2024

Student Exchange Agreement between Al-Ahram Canadian University and Soka University in Japan


In the presence of the Japanese Ambassador to Cairo, Oka Hiroshi, Al-Ahram Canadian University, led by Dr. Khaled Hamdi Abdel Rahman, signed a joint cooperation agreement for student and scientific exchange with Soka University in Japan. The agreement was represented by a high-level delegation led by Dr. Masaru Osanai, Vice President of the university for international cooperation, and attended by Ito Toshifumi, Director of the Media and Culture Center at the Japanese Embassy, and Shinsaku Takahashi, Director of the Office of International Affairs at Soka University, along with  deans of Al-Ahram Canadian University.

Dr. Khaled Hamdi Abdel Rahman appreciated the Japanese Ambassador's visit to Al-Ahram Canadian University to support the signing of the cooperation agreement with Soka University. He emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the academic field, especially with educational institutions from a great and ancient country like Japan, which has a long-standing civilization similar to that of Egypt. He explained that the agreement marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Soka University, which will involve student exchanges starting from the Japanese Language Department in the Faculty of Languages and Translation and extending to other faculties of the university. This cooperation will also include the exchange of expertise between the faculty members of both universities. Furthermore, he assured that the prestigious Al-Ahram Foundation, the owner of the university, will support all cooperation opportunities with the Japanese Embassy. 

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