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11th International Conference on Media for Supporting Sustainability


Media researchers have always been concerned with media change, new media, new genres and media usage. Researching new media developments, their political, cultural and economic contexts, new formats and new forms of user involvement are important issues in media research. This concern with new media has, however, to a large extent not been grounded in explicit theoretical considerations about innovation. Importantly, the media innovations can accelerate the awareness and knowledge about sustainable development issues affecting the countries. Furthermore, the media innovations can be utilized to proffer solutions that promote sustainable development goals.

Our 11th conference provides insights from selected studies that together illustrate how a more explicit focus on media innovations can provide new insights into and greater knowledge about emerging roles and types of media innovations for a sustainable development and how they can engage the community in conversations about sustainability issues. Besides, sensitivity to responsible citizens and corporates, practices and arrangements of sustainability are areas that require creating new roles, types, approaches and innovations of media.



The theme is open for a wide range of ideas dealing with, but not limited to, the relationship between media innovations and one of the followings:

1-New methodologies and approaches for sustainability studies:

o segmented audiences.

o Virtual communities.

o Methodologies and theories.

o New media format.

2-Influences on the use for sustainability.

o Technology.

o market opportunities and user behavior.

o Regulation.

o leadership and vision.

o capacity and resources.

o culture and creativity.

3-Economic sustainability

o Businesses responsibility

o Reshaping demands landscape.

o Tourism

o Nation branding

o Entrepreneurship support.

o Highlighting Emerging cities and projects.

o Encouraging Domestic products / services.


4-Environmental sustainability

o Water, climate change and energy issues.

o Disaster risk reduction.

5-Socio-cultural sustainability

o Sustainable communities, Education, Governance Sustainability.

o Gender and sustainability.

o People with disabilities.

o Human development.

o Disinformation and hate speech.

6- Marketing context

o CSR practices.

o Mega events and conferences industry.

o Shaping new marketing strategies.

7- Innovative content for sustainability

o Telling your story.

o Content strategies.

o Data visualization.



- Colleges, departments, and institutions of mass communication in the public & private universities and institutions.

- Media people in Public and private media institutions.

- Researchers interested in the strategies of communication and media.


Terms of submission:

- The research abstracts must be 300 words and will be sent before Feb. 20, 2023.

- Full text papers (.docx and .doc) will be accepted by Electronic Submission.

- The whole research will be sent with a PowerPoint presentation no later than May 15, 2023.

- English and Arabic abstract must be sent with 3-5 keywords.

- Needed documents must be sent on the following e-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

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