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Let's take a look at all the workshops implemented for the accreditation standards coordinators for the university faculties by the ACU Quality Assurance Center in March and April 2022.

ACU Quality Technical Support Team: Dr. Somaia Ali - DR. Ahmed Hemdan - DR. Adel Magdy - Dr. Rasha El Leithy - Dr. Fedaa Mohamed


ACU Quality Assurance Center met with the University Leaders on the 22nd of March 2022.
The Meeting was chaired by Prof. Mahmoud Hewedi, the director of the ACU Quality Assurance Center.

ACU Quality Assurance Center conducted and arranged Technical Support Workshops to qualify the University Faculties for national accreditation. 
The first discussed the "Strategic Planning standard" on the 21st of March 2022. 
The key speakers of the first workshop were Dr. Somaia Ali & Dr. Adel Magdy.




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