Tuesday, 21 May 2024

Strategic Goals


1. Developing the skills of the administrative staff.

2. Completion of the automation of the faculty administrative work

3. Developing the performance of the faculty's administrative units and linking them to its organizational structure.

4. Applying for accreditation

5. Developing the financial, resources, and infrastructure development

6. Introducing new study programs that meet the needs of the market, and introducing new programs in postgraduate studies.

7. Development of study programs.

8. Developing internal and external training programs and raising the expertise in effective communication with the market.

9. Development of registration systems

10. Improving the ratio of the number of faculty members to students to reach the ideal standard.

11. Continuous development of the capabilities of faculty members and their teaching assistants.

12. Creating a distinct and independent personality for students that will reflect on their professional future after graduation.

13. Supporting student activities

14. Developing the performance of the special units (CRTC)

15. Maintain a close and interactive relationship with alumni.

16. Supporting scientific research

17. Spreading awareness of the ethics of scientific research

18. Increasing the number of scientific research and professors participating in scientific publishing at the international level.

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