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Obtaining a bachelor's degree in “Mass Communication” Faculty requires that the student pass (135) credit hours that include general requirements, college requirements, as well as major and minor requirements.

Al-Ahram Canadian University grants a bachelor's degree in one of the following majors:

1. Journalism and integrated media

2. Integrated Marketing Communications

3. Visual communication

The Faculty of Mass Communication - Al-Ahram Canadian University includes three main programs, and each of them follows specific specializations, as follows:

1- The main program: “Journalism and Integrated Media”, followed by three specializations:

- Advanced news production

- Entertainment media

- Sports Media

2- The main program: “Integrated Marketing Communication”, followed by two specializations:

- Organizational communication

- Digital Advertising

3- The main program is Visual Communication, followed by the two specializations:

- Multi-dimensional design

- Graphics

The College offers these programs in both English and Arabic languages.

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