Monday, 04 March 2024



1-Ramadan in ACU: Part of the celebration of Ramdan nights by the students and the supervisors in the faculty.

2-Personal and Soft skills: Under the supervision of Dr. / Mohamed Yousry

Doctor of Training and Development and Deputy Director of Training Programs - Cairo University

Through which you will appreciate:

✅ Discover and develop personal skills

✅ The art of relationships and communication with others

✅ What is the difference between change and change

✅ How to make a successful personal plan

✅How to overcome depression

3-Awarness of Cancer event: One word that scares anyone who hears it, whether malicious or even benign, it also terrifies us all..

There are very many cases that are at the beginning of the disease and saving them is easy, but due to the lack of awareness, the situation is getting worse.

Your role as a doctor is not only that you are treated, but your most significant role is also that you provide awareness and help others know what this disease is and what its stages are and how I can deal with it in its first stages. That is why we present the event as one of the most notable events.”

4-A visit to the The National Center for Clinical and Environmental Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Ainy

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