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We’re honored to welcome you at the Faculty of Mass Communication. The faculty is one of the most prominent faculties of communication in Egypt and the Arab world.   It is unique for being one of the nine faculties of Al-Ahram Canadian University owned by Al-Ahram Organization, the organization that is considered the greatest and the oldest press organization in the Middle East.

Our faculty is considered one of the top media schools in Egypt and the Arab world. It excellency has been approved by being accredit by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education. It is also the only media school in Egypt that has the visual communication department that meets most recent regional and international market media demand.

The faculty is known for its advanced scientific and technological foundation coping with the latest Information and Communication technology. Besides its radio and TV studios, MAC labs, news rooms, and editing rooms. The faculty also comprises a staff with unique academic and professional skills.

Despite of the novelty of the faculty, compared to other governmental media schools in Egypt our faculty also have graduate studies that offer a master degree in media innovation, a field of specialization which is considered the first in Egypt and Arab world.

Our faculty has always contributed to the media job market with a   considered number of graduates thanks to the highly qualified faculty staff and trainers who did prove efficiency in the positions and always ready to transfer these high professional standards to their students.

Over the years, our faculty has proved to be the hub for broad minded, innovated students and professors, who exchange creative ideas , projects and research seeking a brighter future for Egypt and the whole Arab region.

Prof. Dr. Inas Abou Youssef

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