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Interior Design and Furniture Program


With the start of a new academic year, I am pleased to welcome all enrolled and new students to the "Interior Design and Furniture" program, one of the distinguished programs in the College of Design and Creative Arts. The importance of these programs comes in their close connection with human comfort, where a person spends more than 90% of his life within the internal spaces of (housing, work, entertainment places, treatment centers, etc.), which makes it a unique specialization in which multiple considerations overlap, such as the good planning that work brings, and attention to the aesthetic aspect through spatial formation and colors The different and various items of furniture and accessories, as well as the effect of color, pattern, texture, light and materials that are constantly renewed,

We hope that the practical program will be a reason for refining your personality and preparing you appropriately to face the practical life after graduation, and you will have to persevere with diligence in order to set an example. And you should think of all faculty members as your fathers, interested in your goals and willing to help you achieve them.


The Head of the Interior & Furniture Design Program

Prof . Ahmed Samir Kamel




The program's vision:

Providing a distinguished academic program according to international standards and preparing a competitive interior and furniture designer, who is good at addressing design problems and inventing creative solutions to advance human life.

The Program mission

The graduation of a designer who is able to work in the fields of interior design, furniture design, and production, and has competitive capabilities that meet the requirements of the labor market.

The program's objective

Preparing an interior and furniture designer who is able to Integration between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, with innovative skills, fluent in the basics of design and implementation skills, and capable of continuous development in various areas of interior design,

The Scientific Degree

The Al-Ahram Canadian University "ACU", According the request of the College of Design and Creative Arts Council, grants a bachelor's degree in interior design and furniture, and the graduate's job title (interior and furniture designer)

The aforementioned degree is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in applied arts awarded by Egyptian universities.

Job opportunities for Interior Design and Furniture Program graduates

  • Consulting offices working in the fields of interior design and furniture
  • Engineering departments in government and private agencies.
  • Furniture factories and fairs.
  • City of Media, Television, Theater and Film Production.

Professional association membership

  • Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers.
  • The Syndicate of Plastic  Art
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