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Fashion Design &Textiles Program


With the start of a new academic year, I am pleased to welcome all enrolled and new students to the "Fashion Design and Textiles" program, one of the distinguished programs in the College of Design and Creative Arts. Fashion is creativity and not only style and aesthetics. Fashion permeates, actually anticipates, the context in which it lives. It’s experimentation, research, identity. But the fashion chain is also one of the most productive sectors of the industry in Egypt.

We hope that the practical program will be a reason for refining your personality, preparing you appropriately to face the practical life after graduation, and you will have to persevere with diligence in order to set an example. And you should think of all faculty members as your family, interested in your goals and willing to help you achieve them.


The Head of Fashion Design and Textiles Program

Prof . Ahmed Matar

The program's vision:

Providing a distinguished academic program according to international standards and preparing a competitive fashion and textiles designer, who is good at addressing design problems and inventing creative solutions to advance human life.

Our student’s future will be shaped by the core values that have defined our past: curricular innovation, collaborative methods, pioneering uses of technology, and experimentation.



The Program mission

A program that combines the three fields (fashion, ready-made clothes, textile printing and textiles) which is considered as a new specialty required for the labor market. The program prepares a designer in the field of manufacturing clothes and textiles, which has the ability to innovate, analyze contemporary theories and deal with modern technology and develop this sector in the labor market efficiently.

The program's objective

Preparing fashion and textiles designer who is able to Integrate between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, with innovative skills, fluent in the basics of design and implementation skills, and capable of continuous development in various areas of fashion design,

The Scientific Degree

The Al-Ahram Canadian University "ACU", according the request of the College of Design and Creative Arts Council, grants a bachelor's degree in fashion design and textiles, and the graduate's job title (fashion and textile designer)

The aforementioned degree is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in applied arts awarded by Egyptian universities.

Job opportunities for Fashion Design and Textiles Program graduates

  • Fashion and textiles departments in government and private agencies.
  • Ready-made garments factories.
  • Textiles and furnishing factories.
  • City of Media, Television, Theater and Film Production (styling).
  • Fashion illustration.

Professional association membership

  • Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers.
  • The Syndicate of Plastic  Art
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