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With the tremendous development in the film and television industry in the recent years, in addition to the digital transformation that has affected all the stages of the film and television production, a new approach was necessary to be taken to study both cinema and television to keep pace with the international film and television academies and schools. This approach is needed to present a new generation of film, drama and television program professionals who have wide range of skills in various fields of the industry

such as directing, photography, screenwriting, montage and visual effects. For this reason, the film and television production program has been designed and built on the practical and the interactive learning, and is presented by specialists in the field and in a real environment with all the necessary facilities and equipment.

We are sure that our practical program will be your right path to the world of film and television industry.


The Head of Film Production &TV Program

Prof. Marwa Khafagy





The program's vision:

Reaching with the graduate to the international elite in the field of film and TV making and keeping up with the newest artistic and technical upgrade in the field of study


The Program message

The graduation of a designer who is able to work in the fields of Film production and TV, and has competitive capabilities that meet the requirements of the labor market.


The program's objective

The program aims to graduate a graduate have the needed creative skills and abilities for the film and television production from both the artistic and technical prospective That qualifies him to be an active part of the community and a scientific researcher in his field and to enrich the work market.


The Scientific Degree

The Al-Ahram Canadian University "ACU", According the request of the College of Design and Creative Arts Council, grants a bachelor's degree in Film Production &TV, and the graduate's job title (Film Maker, Director, Director of Photography, Film Editor, VFX Artist, TV Editor, ScreenWriter )

The aforementioned degree is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in applied arts awarded by Egyptian universities.


Job opportunities for Film Production &TV Program graduates

  • Film (Feature, Documentary) / TV (Drama, Programs) Director.
  • Screenwriter.
  • Director of Photography.
  • Film/TV. Editor.
  • Visual effects designer.
  • Filmmaker

Professional association membership

  • Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers.
  • Cinema Syndicate.
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