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Graphic Design and Multimedia Program



Creative Arts and praxis concept of Design

In the Graphic Design and Multimedia Program, students are trained on the Applied and Fine Arts through individual and collective implementation mechanisms.

They also learn how to refine their skills in the field of Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship based on studying the markets and their mechanisms, and building a Marketing Plan and Mix to present design ideas and innovative creative executive projects.

The student is also trained to develop intellectual and critical skills, so that he is able to analyze and make comparisons in the Graphic Arts and build a critical personality capable continuously developing innovative and creative ideas.

The technical study in the Graphic Design Department also develops students' practical abilities to use visual media, multimedia and associated techniques. They also enrich their knowledge by mastering the various techniques of expression in the field of graphic arts and multimedia design, through visual studies and graphic arts, and learn to find innovative solutions to them.

They also participate in the assimilation of visual arts culture, and have a deeper understanding of the principles and procedures associated with visual arts and design work. This is done through the academic decisions of the scientific department and the practical study that takes place under the supervision of the program’s faculty

Head of Program

Prof. Ramadan Abd Elrahman Ramadan

The program's vision:

The Graphic Design and Multimedia program seeks to be a pioneering and distinguished program in the fields of Graphic Arts, Multimedia, Advertising, Packaging, Technology and Science in accordance with local, regional and international quality standards.

The Program mission

Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of creativity and innovation, managing design and development processes, meeting the needs of the labor market in accordance with the local, regional and international standards, and enriching design sciences through research and studies which will contribute to the development of the society, the service of the community and the advancement of all the relevant production sectors.




General objectives of the program

Preparing a distinguished Designer specialized in the field of Graphic Design and Multimedia, and able to meet the requirements of the local, regional and international labor markets.

Keeping pace with the progress and developments in the fields of state-of-the-art digital applications and employing them in the fields of Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Preparing a graduate capable of competing in the labor market, building and developing the society and meeting its needs.

The Scientific Degree

Al-Ahram Canadian University "ACU", according the request of the Faculty of Design and Creative Arts” Council, grants a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia, and the graduate's job title “Designer” (Graphic Design and Multimedia)

The aforementioned degree is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts awarded by the Egyptian Universities.

Job opportunities for Graphic Design and Multimedia graduates

 Advertising offices

 Design offices

 Packaging Factories

 Animation production companies

 Quality control departments in different institutions

 Commercial, packaging and publishing printing presses

 Security printing presses for printing banknotes, cheques, certificates, etc.

 Digital printing presses

 3D printing presses

 Various TV and satellite channels

Book Illustrator

Professional association membership

  • Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers.
  • The Syndicate of Fine Artists.
  • The Egyptian Chamber of Printing & Packaging.
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