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With the start of a new academic year, I am pleased to welcome all enrolled and new students to the "Visual Arts” program, one of the distinguished programs in the College of Design and Creative Arts.

   The program provides students to develop their unique artistic independent vision in our creative environment. Our courses focus on traditional and contemporary art such as drawing, painting, sculpture, installation art, mixed media, printmaking, experimental animation, photography, and new media art. The curriculum balances with historical and contemporary art history and art theories

The Head of visual arts Program

Prof . Fayrouz Samir

The vision:

The department provides a modern and technologically advanced educational system in the field of contemporary visual arts in accordance with global technological development. It contributes to the upgrading of public taste and the dissemination of visual culture in the Egyptian society.

The mission

Preparing a creative, innovative, and technologically advanced graduate who possesses technical, critical and research capabilities in the fields of contemporary visual arts, management and artistic marketing and qualifies him to compete locally and internationally and keep pace with the development in the work environment.

The Scientific Degree

The Al-Ahram Canadian University "ACU", according the request of the College of Design and Creative Arts Council, grants a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and the graduate's job title (Visual Artist)

The aforementioned degree is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in fine arts awarded by Egyptian universities.

Job opportunities for Interior Design and Furniture Program graduates

Field of visual and media arts ,Press and Documentary ,teaching arts ,Animation ,Film, theater and television Scenographer ,Art criticism, E-marketing and advertising, management of art ceremonies ,Curators – Galleries and museums managers-Art educators- -Art directors-Art consultants-Creative consultants-Entrepreneurs

Professional association membership

  • The Syndicate of Plastic  Art
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