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Thermodynamics Lab

The Faculty aims at fulfilling the following goals:

Equip engineering graduates with a variety of basic and applied skills in sciences; engineering practice and project management, also to train them to properly implement their knowledge , accordance with the standards of national and international standard for quality and accreditation (NARS). This enhances their learning opportunities allowing them to compete 

  • on the national, regional and international level, in promoting, improving, and developing various engineering concepts.
  • Introduce a diversified, project-oriented educational system that eventually will furnish the community with distinguished engineering graduates, having intellectual creativity and capable of satisfying the job market needs.
  • Encourage student interaction within the educational system. This ultimately leads to initiation of self- learning strategies which enables the student to search for the latest advancements in fields of study even after graduation.
  • Build student/professor communication skills; through verbal or written practice, during the undergraduate studies. This exposes the student to proper professional behavior expected from the engineers.
  • Support scientific research, studies and experimental investigations in the wide range of specializations that have a direct impact on the community technical services and construct individual research units for different fields of engineering.
  • Provide consultancy and scientific/technical support to engineering institutions and organizations.
  • Arrange seminars and scientific conferences; this would help sustain advanced engineering education, deepen scientific comprehension and facilitate interactions with various specialized study groups.
  • Promote and maintain means for publication of research papers in the diverse fields of engineering.
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