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Faculty Of Design And Creative Arts / Rules & Ethic


Rules & Ethic:

The college focuses on the decision-making necessary process  to implement the strategy in a practical way and uses policies to ensure that official leaders and councils take decisions and actions that support the college's mission, goals and vision .


• Commitment to accepting students according to academic and scientific standards that are subject to the assessment of the competent councils in the college and university, and according to the law of private  universities and the republican decision to establish the university.

•  application of intellectual property protection law.

• Utilizing the potential of faculty members

Providing a safe and supportive learning environment for excellence.

• increase the values ​​of self and continuous learning in students.

• Commitment to the reference of academic standards and their application in programs and courses in an optimal manner in order to achieve the requirements of the Supreme Council of Universities and the Sector Committee.

• diversificate the methods of student assessment to achieve all the intended outcomes of the educational process

Commitment in scientific research to the approved research plan of the college that focuses on actual societal and industrial needs.

Providing mechanisms for providing scientific and technical advice, and solving the problems

of the surrounding industrial community in 6th of October City and others.

• Commitment to continuous evaluation of institutional capacity and educational effectiveness to ensure qualification for accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and accreditation upon graduation of the first batch of college students

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