Monday, 24 June 2024


In the recent years, the world has unprecedented evolving in the field of design and  creativity and arts of technology . These  development have doubled the responsibility of universities in preparing and qualifying students to graduate a specialists who are able to deal with these modern technologies and meet all the market needs . Within the framework of the philosophy of Al-Ahram Canadian University (ACU) aimed for reaching to the model of distinguished international universities by providing advanced educational programs that achieve the required quality and are in line with national and international accreditation standards, the College of Design and Creative Arts comes to keep in touch with this trend by adopting the latest educational systems that allow a greater degree of student participation and open a more of options   for students to study a specialized courses according to their abilities, talents and desires, and to provide them with a great amount of practical training in order to meet the needs of the local, regional and global demand for such graduates, with interest in general culture courses.

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