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Faculty staff Members


Faculty members

Name Academic degree
Radiology Department
Prof/ Eman Abd El Aziz  Professor (Head of department)
Dr. Nouran Mohamed Lecturer
Removable Prosthodontics Department
Prof/ Alaa Abo el Ela Professor ( Head of Department)
Assis.Prof/ Sahar Ghorab Assistant Professor 
Dr.Seham Esmat Lecturer
Dr.Rania Ibrahim Lecturer
Dr.Shereen Fathy Lecturer 
Dr.Ahmed Ibrahim Lecturer
Noura Mohamed Lecturer
Randa El Hussieny Lecturer
Rana Mohamed Lecturer
Fixed Prosthodontics Department
Assis.Prof/ Mohamed Abd El Aziz  Assistant Professor ( Head of Department)
Dr.Ahmed Hamdy Lecturer
Dr.Hanaa Sayed Lecturer
Dr.Rasmya Mamdouh Lecturer
Conservative Dentistry Department
Prof. Sahar Ahmed Professor ( Head of Department)
Dr.Nawal Hassan Lecturer
Dr.Mona Essam Lecturer
Dr.Ehsan Hossam Lecturer
Dr.Mona Shaaban Lecturer
Dr.Shaimaa mohamed Lecturer
Dr.Randa Abd El Rahman Lecturer
Dr.Doha Moustafa Lecturer
Dr.Reem Zeid Lecturer
Dr.Mona Mohamed Lecturer
Dr.Howaida Fakhry Lecturer
Oral and Dental Medicine Department
Prof. Azza Ezz El Arab Professor ( Head of Department)
Assis.Prof/ Sandy Hassan Assistant professor
Dr.Ayat Gamal Lecturer
Endodontics Department
Prof.Mohamed Hamdy Professor ( Head of Department)
Dr.Ebtesam Osama Lecturer
Dr.Heba Badra Lecturer
Dr.Faten El Ghonaimy Lecturer
Oral biology Department
Prof.Manal Moustafa Professor ( Head of Department)
Assis.Prof/ Zeinab Amin Assistant Professor
Oral Pathology Department
Prof/Amany Nour El Din Professor ( Head of Department)
Assis.Prof/ Naglaa Kamal Assistant Professor
Dr.Mai Abd El Halim Lecturer
Dr.Noha Shaaban Lecturer
Dr.Dalia Adel Lecturer
Oral And Maxillofacial Department
Prof/Nermeen Hasaneen Professor ( Head of Department)
Assis.Prof/ Sayed Rashed Assistant Professor 
Dr.Sherif Mohamed Lecturer 
Dr.Mohamed Ashraf Lecturer
Orthodontics Department
Dr.Mai Hassan Lecturer
Pedodontics Department
Prof/Hameeda Abo Bakr Professor ( Head of Department)
Dr/Basma Mohamed Lecturer 
Dr.Yousra Mohamed Lecturer
Microbiology Department
Assis.Prof/ Basma El Awady Assistant Professor



Teaching Assistant Staff

  Name Academic Postion
Conservative Dentistry Department
1 Doaa Mohamed Teaching Assistant
2 Amr Ramadan Teaching Assistant
3 Mohamed Hamdy Teaching Assistant
4 Mariam Ahmed Instructor
5 Mohga Salah Instructor
6 Cindrella Khalid Instructor
Fixed Prosthodontics Department
7 Sara El Basha Teaching Assistant
8 Aya Ezzat Teaching Assistant
9 Dina Omar Teaching Assistant
10 Baher Ahmed Teaching Assistant
11 Sara Moustafa Teaching Assistant
12 Moataz Abd El Halim Teaching Assistant
13 Bishoy Maher Teaching Assistant
14 Nesma Moustafa Instructor
15 Omnia Hosny Instructor
16 Shaimaa Salah Instructor
17 Sara Shawqy Instructor
18 Menna Ashraf Instructor
Dental Materials Department
19 Toqa Hesham Teaching Assistant
20 Sherif Ahmed Teaching Assistant
21 Salma Abd El Ghany Instructor
22 Mai Mohsen Instructor
Oral Pathology Department
23 Kholoud Refaat Teaching Assistant
24 Manar Samy Instructor
Removable Prosthodontics Department
27 Hatem Magdi Teaching Assistant
29 Tarek Salah Teaching Assistant
30 Radwa Gamal Teaching Assistant
31 Haidy Hesham  Teaching Assistant
32 Ahmed Abd El Hady Instructor
33 Sandy Ihab Instructor
Endodontics Department
34 Mina Aziz Teaching Assistant
35 Soha Mohy El Din Teaching Assistant
36 Amina Mamdouh Teaching Assistant
37 Mahinour Mohamed Teaching Assistant
38 Mohamed Moustafa Teaching Assistant
39 Anan Medhat Teaching Assistant
40 Sara Mohamed Teaching Assistant
41 Karim Kamal Instructor
42 Nourhan Ebid Instructor
Oral And Maxillofacial Department
43 Asmaa mohamed Teaching Assistant
45 Ahmed Gamal Teaching Assistant
46 Mahmoud Agha Teaching Assistant
47 Mona Mahmoud Teaching Assistant
48 Mohamed Talaat Teaching Assistant
49 Sara Moustafa Teaching Assistant
50 Emad Adel Instructor
51 Aya Tarek Instructor
Pedodontics Department
52 Nehal Alaa Teaching Assistant
53 Ahmed Wafik Teaching Assistant
54 Fatma Essam Instructor
55 Menna Ashraf Instructor
56 Nourhan Kamal Instructor
57 Mona Hassan Instructor
58 Nehal Mohamed Instructor
59 Amany Hossam Instructor
60 Dina Gala Instructor
Oral And Dental Medicine Department
61 Heba Samir Teaching Assistant
62 Ghada Ahmed Teaching Assistant
63 Marwa El Sayed Teaching Assistant
64 Maha Fawzy Teaching Assistant
65 Israa Emad Instructor
66 Kholoud Ahmed Instructor
67 Wesam Mohamed Teaching Assistant
68 Mohamed Essam Teaching Assistant
69 Ahmed Magdy Teaching Assistant
70 Ahmed Ibrahim Teaching Assistant
71 Abd El Magid El lithy Instructor
72 Israa Ahmed Instructor
Radiology Department
73 Samar Seif Teaching Assistant
74 Marina Boulas Teaching Assistant
75 Asma Moustafa Instructor
Oral Biology Department
77 Laila Maged Kamal Teaching Assistant
78 Ahmed El Saied Teaching Assistant
79 Mai Ali Teaching Assistant
80 Rehab Ayman Instructor
81 Alaa Abd el Kader Instructor
82 Yasmeen Saad Instructor
83 Aya ragab Instructor
84 Amira Ayman Instructor
85 Alaa Mosaad Instructor
86 Israa Mahmoud resident
87 Marwa Hesham resident
88 Abd el Rahman Abo El Magd resident
89 Maram Gamal resident
90 Eman Ali resident
91 Aliaa Ibrahim resident
92 Mahy Abd El-Raouf resident
93 Doaa Abd el Wadood resident
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