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FLT is committed to the highest ethical standards. It prioritizes students’ best interests, including their academic objectives, exposure to cross-cultural learning and experiences, and professional goals.

FLT coordinators and participants endeavor to identify and follow best professional practices, exhibit sensitivity and respect for cultural differences. FLT adopts and follows the following Code of Ethics:

    Truthfulness and Transparency
    Responsibility to Students
    Observance of Best Practices
    Showing Commitment on the Job
    Never Stop Learning
    Promote and Uphold Healthy Relationships
    Not engage in or tolerate any other form of illegal discrimination or harassment.

This code ensures that students receive a fair, honest, and uncompromising education. The academic Code of Ethics outlines instructors’ primary responsibilities to their students and defines their role in a student’s life. Educators must demonstrate impartiality, integrity, and ethical behavior in the classroom, whether virtual or in-person.

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