10 main reasons to Choose ACU

1- ACU is the only university in Egypt to develop and establish its curricula, teaching, and administrative methods in collaboration with major Canadian universities, and is committed to meeting Canadian and Egyptian educational standards

2- Opportunity to continue your study in Canadian universities.

3- ACU’s curricula, courses, and degrees are fully recognized by both the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, and by AUCC partner universities

4- ACU is a private, non-profit driven university. Profits are reinvested in the university’s infrastructure and equipment for the benefit of students

5- ACU is committed to employing top technologies in its academic and research activities, to facilitate high quality education

6- Non Traditional Fields and Majors of study at all our faculties

7- ACU’s Faculty of Pharmacy exclusively grants a Bachelors Degree of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences that complies with Canadian requirements and facilitates postgraduate studies abroad

8- ACU has a formal policy " low student / Professor ratio" which assures a small class size capacity to allow personalized instruction and individual attention for each student and ensure maximum educational delivery.

9-Dynamic campus full of learning and leisure facilities and student life.

10- Teaching Language is English.

Learning Assessment Process

ACU is committed to following pre-established principles and methods for the formative and summative assessment of student achievements.  These assessment methods measure the student’s performance in all professional competencies in accordance with the stated outcome expectations. 

Assessment of Student Achievement Includes:

1- Periodic quizzes

2- Formal written examinations

3- Summative practical assessments

4- Laboratory work

5- Problem-solving exercises

6- Oral examination/ presentations

7- Individual planning and conduct (project reporting) 

8- Essay assignments

9- Literature surveys and evaluations

10- Collaborative project work

11- Preparation and poster display (project reporting)

12- Reporting on external placement (where applicable) 

13- Personal portfolios of academic achievements  

14- Computer-based/self/peer assessments 

Curricula Evaluation

1- Evaluation of the curricula occurs systematically every 4 to 5 years for the purpose of monitoring the overall effectiveness with respect to meeting set goals and objectives, and to take into consideration recent developments within a given profession.

2- The evaluation ensures that the curriculum is responsive to changes in the professional practice and educational technologies, in order to deliver high quality methods of instruction.

3- A variety of evaluation measure focusing on the efficacy of the curricula and implementation are systematically and sequentially applied throughout each professional program at ACU.