School Of Business Administration

SBA has earned a strong reputation as a center for academic excellence and innovation.  With unique partnerships that allows for an international dimension to be added in the curriculum, via student/school exchange, and joint research and degree studies, SBA graduates will be able to form a well-rounded academic base that enables them to become global leaders in the marketplace.


Faculty Stuff Members

Prof.Dr. Wafaa Marzouk - Dean of Business School

Dr. Rasha Hamdy El-Haddad -  Accounting
Dr. Mai Mahmoud Abdelaziz -  Accounting
Dr. Momen Abdallah Shazly -  Accounting
Dr. Amira El-Sayed Ismail -  Accounting
Dr. Amr Sayed Abdallah -  Accounting

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bastawy -  Business Administration and Human Resources
Dr. Omaima Ahmed Nazir -  Business Administration and Human Resources
Dr. Mahmoud El-Sayed Hussien -  Business Administration and Human Resources
Dr. Mohamed Rabie Salama -  Business Administration and Human Resources
Dr. Hossam Ahmed Ali -  Business Administration and Human Resources
Dr. Somia Mohamed Hussien -  Business Administration and Human Resources

Dr. Hoda Saad abo Rmeila -  Financial Economics
Dr. Dalia Reda Hassan -  Financial Economics
Dr. Eman Adel Eid Hussien -  Financial Economics
Dr. Neven Hussien Mohamed -  Financial Economics
Dr. Mahmoud Manaa Abd-Elrahman -  Financial Economics

SBA Vision

School of Business Administration SBA at Ahram Canadian University seeks to be one of the top faculties locally and regionally in the field of administrative sciences. It also seeks to encourage scientific research and to develop community continuously.

SBA Mission

School of Business Administration in Ahram Canadian University is committed to preparing a distinguished graduate on both the scientific and professional levels to provide the needs of the national and international business environment in their respective specialization. It also seeks to develop educational, scientific research programs and administrative and technological systems to cope with the new era for sustainable development and enhancing its competitive position.

Is this program for me?

This degree is for students who might wish to pursue careers in a variety of settings, including business, government, and nonprofit.  Job opportunities may involve work in the following areas: 

1- Entry-level manager

2- Human resources specialist

3- Assistant product manager

  4- Market researcher

5- Systems analyst

6- Financial analyst

7- Tax Accountant

8- Accountant

9- HR Supervisor

10- Investment Banker

11- Marketing Specialist

12- Corporate/Strategic development

13- Executive Secretary & HR Admin

14- Broker

15- Recruiter

 14- Marketing analysis

Choice and Flexibility

SBA has four department majors available:

1- Financial Economics

2- Marketing  

3- Human Resources and Management 

4- Accounting 

Students are highly flexible in customizing their studies by selecting certain concentrations of courses in subdisciplines, in order to include a minor.