Faculty of Pharmacy

ACU’s Faculty of Pharmacy is proudly in collaboration with Alberta University; one of Canada's largest research-intensive universities, allowing for faculty/student exchanges, and joint research and degree studies.  The curriculum, which is also developed in accordance with the Canadian Standards of Higher Education, is designed to equip pharmacy graduates with a strong and unique academic base that balances both, application and theory. 

Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Ahram Canadian University offers an  advanced educational program to graduate knowledgeable and proficient 

 pharmacists who are able to compete at the local and regiona l levels, conduct pharmacy-related research and serve their local communities. 

All of this within the context of the community’s general and professional values.


Faculty Vision

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Ahram Canadian University aspires to be  a pre-eminent center for pharmacy education and research in order  to graduate distinct pharmacy cadres capable of serving the local and  regional communities.

Faculty Departments

1. Department of Biochemistry (PBC).

2. Department of Pharmacognosy (PCG).

3. Department of Pharmacology (PCL).

4. Department of Clinical Pharmacy & pharmacy practice (PCP).

5. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PCS).

6. Department of Pharmaceutics (PCT).

7. Department of Microbiology (PMB).