Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine

The curriculum of Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine has been conceived to help the student to develop and improve his/her clinical skills with sound medical background. It is tailored to meet the oral and dental health needs of the community, focusing on the prevention of the oral and dental diseases where careful integration of knowledge based on biomedical foundation is developed through the study program .


Faculty Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine is to achieve excellence in the art and science of dentistry through teaching, research, and community service through:

1- Recruitment of distinguished faculty that can add to the educational process and provide top line knowledge to the students.

2- Equipping our students with diverse basic and applied skills that enhance their learning ability and train them for practical life.

3- Fostering student interaction with the faculty and fellow students to promote self and continuous education to develop their intellect and personalities.

4- Supporting scientific research and conferences that have a direct impact on the community.

5- Hosting different community oriented events to bond our students to their community and equip them well to help improve it.

6- Our graduates are well educated and self-motivated. While our graduates can compete effectively at the consciously demanding and changing job market they yet best serve their society.


Is this program for me?

This degree is for students who might wish to pursue careers in the health-care industry.  Job opportunities may be found in the following areas:

1- ACU is the only private university in Egypt that adopts a policy helping students acquires high paying jobs as soon as they graduate.

2- Promising career opportunities awaiting ACU graduates in the local, national and multinational corporations.