Faculty of Mass Communication

Communication studies at ACU stress the balance between theoretical and practical skills. The philosophy of this four-year program is based on the belief that mass media specialists need excellent skills as well as a superior academic background to join the work force immediately upon graduation, and play a constructive role in public life. 

The FMC students take a strong core of courses to help them develop important skills and competencies necessary to work successfully in a highly complex and competitive media world.


Faculty Mission

The faculty aims at graduating qualified students in the different media fields and preparing them scientifically, professionally and technologically to be able to meet the market needs and the needs of competition locally and internationally through raising the level of the social, professional and moral responsibility towards the nation and society issues.    

Is this program for me?

This degree is for students who might wish to pursue careers in a variety of settings, including:

Advertising and Public Relations

- News Anchor

- Advertising Specialist

- Casting Director

- Media Planner

- Talk Show Host

- Creative Director


- Publicity Manager

- Reporter

- Advertising Manager

- Editor

- Media Analyst

- Columnist

- Audience Analyst

- Newscaster 

- Copywriter

- Technical Writer

- Marketing Coordinator 

- Media Interviewer

- Campaign Manager

- News Correspondent

Radio and Television

- Photojournalist 

- Producer

Visual Communication

- Film Editor

- Graphic Designer

- News Director

-   Photojournalist

- News Writer

- Art/Creative Director

- Technical Director

- Web Designer

- Announcer/ Reporter

- Marketing Designer/Director

Choice and Flexibility

Faculty of Mass Communication has four department majors and minors available in English Section:

1- Journalism 

2- Advertising & Public Relations  

3- Radio and Television

4- Visual Communication

Students are highly flexible in customizing their studies by selecting a minor from one of the other four majors. 

Faculty of Mass Communication has 1 department major (Journalism) and 2 minors (Advertising & Public Relations – Radio and Television) available in Arabic Section.