Faculty of Design & Creative Arts

An outstanding Faculty of Art and Design of a premium quality, with a cutting-edge knowledge and technology to be up to par with the world. 

Our responsibility exceeds providing academic and scholarly meaningful experiences. It rather includes societal responsibility, environmental sustainability and economic enhancement for a better future.



To become the first choice for students in the field of art and design education, and contribute their graduates by creative and innovative ideas and apply the modern tools of technology in the development of the environment and the local community and regional.


To prepare aspiring and creative artists and designers by providing an academic and research environment and outstanding educational programs in the fields of art and design to solve problems by creative methods and innovative ideas for the development of the local and regional community and improve the general sense of the environment.


Strategic Objectives


·         Provide a distinct academic and research environment.

·         Provide educational programs according to local and international standards and meet the needs of the labor market.

·         Orient scientific research to solve problems and develop the community.

·         Enhance the role of the Faculty of Art and Design in the activities of community service.

·         Holding partnerships with universities and educational institutions to exchange academic, research and community experiences.

·         Develop creative and innovative skills and encourage students to conduct scientific research.

·         Enhance cooperation with government and private sectors related to art and design.

·         Provide postgraduate programs that meet the needs of the labor market.

·         Develop a higher educational model in art and design and maximize the faculty’s role on the local, national and international levels.