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Reach a high level of training for all target groups to ensure that the faculty's vision is achieved.


Provide appropriate training to all students to satisfy the requirements of educational and community service and contributing to the development and upgrading of efficiency in the work environment.

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Student Training Guide

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 1. Apply for training approval:

Training Registration Forms , Students fill out the registration form which will later be approved by the supervisor faculty.

2. Check Enrolment Requirements:

Student has completed more than 72 credit hours and all the prerequisites and requirements identified by faculty.

3. Training Approval:

By the supervisor after checking that the summer training shall be for a minimum of 50 hours.

4. Follow up with supervisor:

Training Progress Report (doc), During the training each student should submit two progress reports graded by the supervisors.

5. Fill Company/Course Evaluation Form:

The company representative shall fill out a company evaluation form Download in case of offline summer training and shall be submitted to the student supervisor.


6. Student Submit Final Report & Presentation:

After the training is finished, students shall prepare final report Download and presentation Download then attend a training seminar which is graded by supervisors.


Student Training Orientation 

Summarized steps for all participants 

Training Guide

 Detailed training guide Download

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