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Accounting Program:

Studying in the accounting major allows students to acquire many intellectual, analytical and practical skills that qualify them for promising career opportunities such as but not inclusive to; working in the financial sector in several types of organizations (e.g., business organizations, public sector organizations, government institutions, and financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and brokerage companies). In addition, students may also own their own office to practice the profession of accounting and they may also work in the field of consulting and training.

Financial Economic Program:

Financial Economics is one of the unique majors in SBA at ACU, as this major combine between both the principles of economic and the concepts of modern finance science. This major enables the student to gain a deep familiarity with everything related to institutions, theories, and quantitative practices in addition to their ability to financial analysis as a result of his in-depth study of the history of the most important areas of financial economics. Therefore, graduates of this major will be qualified to work in fields such as private equity, corporate finance, banking or asset management.

Human Resource & Management Program:

SBA at ACU offers a variety of specialized courses in the field of management and human resources, including, for example, recruitment, selection, human resource planning, performance evaluation, compensation and rewards, in accordance with the highest international standards to provide our students with all the knowledge, skills and competencies required to be the best suitable candidate for jobs in this the field. This will enable graduates to develop and maximizes their capabilities to advance to the highest level of management in large organizations, and to work in positions such as Administrative Services Specialist, Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, Training & Development specialist, etc.

Marketing Program:

Marketing is a practical, career-oriented major that provide students with analytical, logical, and creativity skills. This major qualifies students to work in several positions related to marketing such as Brand Management, Industrial Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Research and Product Development. With the rise of online advertising and the rise of social media, combining traditional marketing concepts and new paradigms makes the field of study rich and dynamic.

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