Therapeutics & clinical pharmacokinetics

1- Students who write only their first and second names only on schoology account, their accounts are deleted, please adjust your name (First Name: write full name till the third one, write ID) and enroll again.

2- Students who are not registered THERAPEUTICS & CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS course on the faculty system are deleted from schoology.

3-Students who already registered
THERAPEUTICS & CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS on faculty system and still not a member in schoology, they should make a request to
THERAPEUTICS & CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS course with their active schoology account in order to attend their online final exam.

Please check the attached file the blue highlighted names who wrote incomplete names please, enroll again on schoology but with correct complete data and the yellow highlighted ones who are registered only on the faculty system please register on schoology to be able to attend the final exam.while the red highlighted names will be deleted as they not registered their name i the faculty systembbe deleted