Pharmacology-1 (schoology members)

Please find the attached file, there are lists of students who have problem either with their registration on schoology application or Faculty system

Students who already registered pharmacology-1 and still not a member in pharmacology-1 course in schoology, they should make a request to pharmacology-1 course with their active schoology account in order to attend their online final exam.

Students who already members in pharamacology-1 course and still not registered pharmacology-1 on the faculty system, their schoology account will be deleted from the course.

Students who write only their first name on schoology account, their accounts will be deleted next Wednesday (3/6/2020 ) if not update their names (First Name: write full name, Last Name: write ID)

Students who have more than one account, their 2 accounts already deleted. Please re-enter the course with your active account.