Industrial Pharmacy 2 Allocations

Dear Students,

Kindly find here the allocations for the next Saturday’s labs. QC labs, Mixing rooms and dispensing room are all allocated in the manufacturing unit (Ground floor). To know your group, kindly check the pdf file attached.

For the students present the manufacturing unit, kindly adhere to the following instructions:

1-Be on time!
2-Clean white lab coats are mandatory as we’ll be dealing with DYES
3-Avoid wearing torn jean, slippers or sandals (only shoes are allowed).
4-Bring your personal tools: calculator, pencil, ruler and permanent marker.

For labs in the manufacturing unit, each student will be evaluated regarding being on time, behavior, cleanliness and ,of course, accuracy of the work.

The distribution .pdf file is here. Note that each lab is found in separate page (Lab 9-11 in Page 1, Lab11-1 in Page 2, so on)

The lab manual can be find here as well