Dean’s word

Dear Future Pharmacists,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ahram Canadian University. While you are taking your first steps in your pharmacy education it is important for you to understand that the pharmacy profession is associated with great morals and values which you should acquire during your years of education. For example, your realization of the importance of time, accuracy and good practice could be detrimental in cases where you are recommending a dosing schedule for a patient or in drug manufacturing, or in recording and interpreting patient data. I encourage you to take these values seriously as they could affect patient patients’ lives and well being.

Our faculty is dedicated to providing you with advanced pharmacy education, professional skills and ethics to help you excel in your career, not forgetting that sincere desire, persistence and effective determination are indispensable success elements that you ought to have. Our outstanding academic staff is promising all the support that you may need to better prepare you to advance the pharmacy profession and drug industry in Egypt to a level comparable or exceeding today’s international level.

Prof. Dr Ibrahim Mahmoud