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Anatomy & Histology Final Exam 2nd Attempt

Kindly be noted that the final exam of Anatomy & Histology will be held on Schoology (2:00 pm-3:00 pm) on Saturday 11th of July, 2020 as per the announced schedule.

The following students should register on Schoology using this code: TT53 – SJFK – 8HMGR

11910168 Hussein Abdou Hussein el rawl
11920007 Mayan Mohamed Abodief
11710794 Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan
11710844 Sohila Emad Fathi
11820004 Ahmed Mohamed Nagy

Physiology final list

10855333Ali ali ali
11710291Mohamed Ali Ali Gabr
11810250Mohammed ahmed fathy
11810687Doaa ahmed

Dear students kindly be informed that the following ID are not found in the registration list.. so please check your registration.

1111270Essam Awadeen El-sawy
1121006Fatma Abd El-Hady Ezat Abd El-Hady
1121117abdel rahman ebrahim mouhamed
1141421Kerolus Mokhtar Tamir Farag
1141760Gerges Ahdy Gerges Youthab

the following are not found in schoology list so please check your accounts on schoology.

Pharmacology-2 final exam

Please the following students have to enroll to schoology to be able to attend the final exam , please enroll with complete name (ie: first, second , and third names) and correct ID no.:


Ahmed Madkour Abbas

11610664Bassem Emel Kamel Akhnoukh
1141919Marina Michel Zaky Abadeer
1131821Abd Elrahman Alhussin Abdo Ahmed ALshahat
1131475Riham mohamed ahmed ibrahim
1121262Gerges Fahmy Fawzy