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Quiz 1 Industrial pharmacy 2

Dear students,

As per the results of the poll, the quiz will be held on Tue 24th and Wed 25th March, at the same lab time. All students should head firstly to the halls to have the quiz, then students will be distributed between hall and educational factory as previously scheduled.

Industrial Pharmacy-2 | Data submission form

Dear students,

To submit the data you collected from the educational factory, kindly navigate through the following link and proceed as instructed. The cells to be filled in the sheets are highlighted in yellow. Each team is permitted to submit their data one week after data collection.

For relevant announcements, kindly check previous posts on the same subject

Industrial Pharmacy-2 Lab outline and group distribution

Dear Students,

Kindly find below the scheduled distribution of the allocations.

Kindly be informed that each team assigned to Tablet QC function should bring ~30 tablets of a product with the nominated active constituent. Care should be taken to select immediate-release uncoated drug product, as sugar-coated or enteric-coated are not qualified for friability testing. Note that some active constituents may have both coated and uncoated products in market, for example, Brufen 400 is a sugar coated product while its 600 mg analogue is uncoated, so we shall select Brufen 600 in this case.

Generally, select the lowest strength as it will be usually the most economic. For example for Glimpiride, you can select the lowest strength of Amaryl (1mg)

Also, note that starting from Wed March 4th, groups A-F at each lab should head directly to the educational factory. Teams E and F should bring commercial products of Captopril and Cetrizine with them, respectively. Groups enrolled in Tue groups will start their factory visits from Tue March 10th .

It is advisable to take some camera shots especially while carrying out tablet QC function, as it will of high benefit for subsequent data presentation.

Kindly keep following for updates.