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Instrumental Analysis

Kindly be noted that Quiz-2 will be held during the lab of this week according to the following time: (no excuses will be given to late students)

Group 3A: Wednesday: 9:05 sharp

Group 2A: Wednesday: 10:35 sharp

Group 1A: Wednesday: 12:05 sharp

Group 1B: Thursday: 9:05 sharp

Group 3B: Thursday: 10:35 sharp

Group 2B: Thursday: 12:05 sharp

Announcement for Instrumental Analysis


The online quiz for the assignment will be held on Friday 17th May.
The following titles are covered: (from the textbook)

Chapter: Liquid chromatography. 


1- introduction 

2- Types of liquid chromatography ( just titles)
(the first two types LSC and LLC in details) 

3- Components of HPLC 

4- Column and effect of Column length. 

5- Types of detectors.