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درجات مادة الصيدلة الصناعية-1

تم رفع جميع الدرجات الخاصة بمادة الصيدلة الصناعية-1 علي موقع الكلية، الرجاء من الطلاب مراجعة الدرجات الخاصة بهم، و بإمكان الطلاب التظلم علي أي من الدرجات حتي يوم الامتحان النهائي، مع العلم انه لن يقبل أي تظلمات بعد هذا اليوم.

مع تمنيات فريق الكورس للطلبة بالنجاح و التوفيق.

Industrial Pharmacy I – Additional assignment

General instructions

This assignment is considered additional and NOT obligatory. Students who submit successful answers will earn ONE bonus mark.

This assignment should be done by individual students NOT groups.

The deadline is Sun 25/11.

The assignment should be submitted via email to Kindly state the your name and ID in the email subject.


We ask for a user-friendly excel sheet into which the ranges of particle size and count obtained from microscope image analysis can be inserted, so that the sheet can automatically calculate the following statistical parameters for the grouped data: mean, mode, median, span and construct the differential column chart as well cumulative above size and under size column charts. You can use the data provided in the lab manual to help test your sheet.

The data is present here:

PSD by Microscope

The equations for such statistical parameters can be found/concluded from here

We believe you may need to learn about the following excel functions: vlookup- match- index- max- if – sum – array formula

Best regards ^_^.