Analytical Chem. I SP19 Attendance in practical course

Dear Students,

Starting from the next lab, attendance will be collected by scanning QR code available only with the lab supervisor.

Requirements for taking attendance:

  • Smart device (mobile or tablet) with a working camera.
  • A google account (gmail) on your smart device, and singed in.
  • QR code reader application installed on your device.
  • A web browser application working properly.
  • Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data) on your smart device.

To check your smart device is ready, please scan the following code and answer the asked questions correctly to collect the attendance of lab 1:

Thank you for your cooperation 🙂

Analytical Chemistry I practical course

Dear Students,

Please be informed that:

  • Practical lab manual will be available next week in your assigned lab.
  • No lab entrance without LAB COAT and EYE GOGGLES.
  • Student list will be available next lab, to know your assigned seat number.
  • There will be a specified place for each student according to seat number. You are responsible of your cleanliness and tidiness of your place.