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The faculty of Computer Science & IT /Ahram Canadian University has the following departments:

  1. Basic Science department
  2. Computer Science Department
  3. Computer Networks Department
  4. Software Engineering Department

The faculty may establish other departments in the future.

  • Basic Science Department

The department offers courses for all basic science in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics for all students of the university.

  • Computer Science Department

It includes the following scientific fields:-

    • Computer Programming Languages, Concepts and Compilers.
    • Data Structures and File Management
    • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
    • Operating Systems of Computers
    • Artificial Intelligence Basics and Applications
    • Expert Systems
    • Natural Languages Processing
    • Systems of Multiple Agents
    • Knowledge Base Systems
    • Smart / Intelligent Teaching Systems
    • Human – Computers Interactions
    • Computer Graphics
    • Programming on the Web
  • Computer Networks Department

It includes the following scientific fields:-

    • Different Types of Computer Networks
    • Information Networks with its Applications
    • Communication Technology
    • Internet Technology
    • Confidentiality / Secrecy / Privacy of Data and Nets
    • Data Compression and Security
    • Logic Design
    • Computer Architecture
    • Computer Organization
    • Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems
    • E-learning
    • Information Security Standards
  • Software Engineering Department

It includes the following scientific fields:-

    • Databases
    • Information System Analysis and Design
    • Software Architecture and Design
    • Object- Oriented Analysis and Design
    • Object- Oriented Database
    • Analysis and Management of the Programming Requirements
    • Software Quality Assurance
    • Software Testing
    • The Unified Modeling Languages for Programming
    • Management of Software Projects
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Mining
    • Standards & Specifications of Software Development
    • Information Technology Services Management Standards
    • Information Technology Strategic Planning

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