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Dean Welcome

Welcome to ACU, School of Business Administration (SBA)  

Dear students,

It is of my pleasure to welcome you to The School of Business Administration (SBA) wishing you all the best in achieving your goals and enjoying your study at ACU.                                                           

ACU as its main mission of offering a high quality education that encourages innovative culture and the focus on experimental learning that enables students to gain hands-on experience, cooperative work teams, internships and assignments that stimulates learning and leads to personal development furthermore, the experience that will enhance their ability to function effectively and immediately after moving into their career paths.

The participation in community development, we have identified several signature themes to promote Egypt on the national & international levels. First, SBA has organized number of workshops to discuss current social and economic issues, such as Insurance and pension plans, the new real estate taxation law, and allocating public lands for investments and projects.

 ACU has managed to actively collaborate with McMaster University, one of the top five universities in Business Studies worldwide. This collaboration is clear through the study exchange program where 10 of SBA students attended academic semester at McMaster. In addition, faculty members.


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Contact Address

Address : 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt
Tel : (+202) 3833 3078
Fax : (+202) 3833 4379
E-mail :
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