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Graduation Requirements

  • The faculty of Engineering follows the credit hours system. The Credit Hour is the measuring unit that defines the working study load of the course. The academic year is divided into two semesters, Fall and Spring, of 15 weeks each.  The Faculty Council reserves the right to establish a summer semester that includes condensed courses of a maximum of 9 Cr. Hr for 7 weeks.  This depends on the request of the respective departments, the availability of facilities and faculty resources.
  • In order to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Engineering Sciences, the student must complete 174 credit hours, one hundred and seventy four credit hours.  These credits are distributed among five academic levels.  These include: -
    • (18) Credit hours for University requirements.
    • (45) Credit hours core curriculum, for faculty requirement.
    • (111) Credit hours for the major courses, based on specialization (except for Architecture Engineering).
  • The student has the right to choose the (6 - 15) elective credit hours from available elective courses in the fourth and fifth undergraduate levels according to his/her future job interests. 

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