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Foundation and Collaborating Universities

1- How was Ahram Canadian University established ?

Ahram Canadian University was established in accordance with the Presidential Decree No.393 of 2004 under the Private Universities Law No. 101 of 1992.

2- Who are the founders of Ahram Canadian University ?

Ahram Canadian University is a Private University established by -Ahram Press Institution in the 6th of October City. The University is collaborating with a distinguished group of Canadian Universities through the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)

3- Who is the President of the University?

The President of the University is Prof. Dr. Farouk Ismail, the former President of Cairo University.

4- How are the Canadian Universities collaborating in the development of ACU? and what are the faculties available in ACU ?

Collaboration with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada gave the University the chance of choosing the best Canadian Universities each in its specialization.

  • Faculty of Communication: Carleton University
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology: Ecole Polytechnique De Montreal
  • School of Business Administration: McMaster University
  • Faculty of Pharmacy: Alberta University

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